My all moments are the mesmerizing experiences in Fellowship but the best moment is when In conflict management play, I played the role of Khawer to resolve conflict. When I had enough courage to showcase my strengths and realize my weaknesses. It had to do counter argument with Sidra (Saad). Basically I was playing as a mediator. This was one of the best part I explored in my whole fellowship journey that actually reflected to my behavior.

This was my very first time to nominate myself to volunteer . That means I was able to make quick decisions, to showcase my skills and to embrace my confidence. At that point, I removed all the hinderances of being shy and confused.

Other than all external strengths, I found myself defensive while playing the character. Sir Noor pointed out my personality inclinged toward defending. So at that time of my life, I learned the power of being calmed, less stressed and less defensive. Now I am practicing this in my daily life with adaptive behavior to accept change.

My whole class appreciated my performance after session by mentioning fluency and confidence. I was practicing my communication at that time so it was overwhelming to have such comments. Even they set a specific name like Areej ki English.Now I believe to be very kind and less defensive in all real life situations and implement my learnings.