Five acts of kindness


Kindness means to be gentle and generous wherever possible. Its a way to connect and engage emotionally with other members of society. For this the best example for human beings is Holy prophet Mohammad(SWA) who taught us kindness through his lifetime instances. Here i tried to adopt few ones that helped me in inspiring others.

Be a helping hand

Being generous and treating others with compassion and specially at the time when you’re dealing with kids is an act to show kindness. It will ultimately help them in understanding the concept of positivism to see the society. Its a best way to teach youngers through your amal.

To act upon this I did hair do of my little cousin even when she wasn’t expecting that. It gives a real joy and a moment of gratitude to me and her as well.

Giving gifts

Exchaging gifts is absolutely incredible. Here i motivated my younger cousins who are learning Quran Park, by giving them book marks and designing it by my self.

Also it was an encouragement for them to start preparation for Holy Ramazan.

Giving suggestion

Giving honest and sinceriest opinion will add more value in matter of concerned person and significant to show kindness so am I.Here i shared a relevant platform with my friend to practice her expertise which will shape her ability and give her broader asiles.

Share to aware

Now this is such kind act to do and show care for others to share your personal experience with troubled person. To give spirit and sinceriest opinions to challenge the circumstances with courage and give him/her a sense of belief that if I can do that than you too. Disscuss about mental health awareness with my friend was a very kind and considerable act to perform.

Gesture of equality

Presenting colors and papers to my made’s daughter is an act of being gentle and bring connectivity between us. And it also help them to feel secure when they are with you.

It educates our young ones to be humble and deal others with humility.

I really encourage you all to do like these as you will connect with others positively.