How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

Thank you note: we the whole batch 180 planned to give a surprise by showing gratitude to our beloved instructors Sir Noor and Ma’am Ayesha who made this journey full of learnings, lessons, creativity, mutual respect, and most importantly work ethic and sincerity towards their profession.

We did make sure to turn on everyone’s camera at 9:30 am sharp. Having gratitude notes in our hands and lovely smiles on our faces with teary eyes and heavy hearts for Ma’am Ayesha, we were looking at Sir Noor. …

Self Reflection my Amal journey

Become like a bird, expand your wings, learn new things, and fly high as you can.

My journey started at Amal with a heap of expectations to explore, to sharpen myself, building connections with an unstoppable passion to fly like a bird. My wings were ready to expand but everything was vague. I never had a clear destination but a strong belief in myself. There was chaos that brought creativity in thoughts.

I was just in search of a platform that could add value to my personality and there I found it. The experience is…

My all moments are the mesmerizing experiences in Fellowship but the best moment is when In conflict management play, I played the role of Khawer to resolve conflict. When I had enough courage to showcase my strengths and realize my weaknesses. It had to do counter argument with Sidra (Saad). Basically I was playing as a mediator. This was one of the best part I explored in my whole fellowship journey that actually reflected to my behavior.

This was my very first time to nominate myself to volunteer . That means I was able to make quick decisions, to showcase…

Procrastination is my constent internal enemy.It is the primary reason for my belated tasks. Today when finally I heard about a fighting tool against my very long lasted enemy, I tried hard to practice that. Though it was another challenge to select a task as I couldn’t be able to determine minutes. Later on, I rendomly choose my practice point that was Making Fruit mixed chat in iftar.

There was a short time to cutting fruits and making chat for 5 people in less time. But I did It wasn’t hard to do that as I usually do that but…

Problem statement:

Numerous students from middle class community need a platform to express their hidden skills to make money. They don’t have a clear platform for encouragment to become self employed with studies.

I found these 5 tips really supportive because this actually gives my thoughts a kick start to make everything productive in an effective manner. For example these five actually implement in every situation to solve my problem under my resources.

Key takeaways:

I found effective these all like self talk is something that help me in reflectiveness towards my self creativity and this helped me in adaptation of slogan I CAN AND I WILL.

And I defintly understand the importance of getting out from my comfort to prove my self but AMAL TOTKAY relate this to completion of totkeys that helped me…

My initial steps toward getting SMART goals:

Firstly I asked a very dear fried of mine to practice cross talk daily and she said yes. It motivates me towards taking steps as to broaden asiles.

1-Practice Cross talk

It will ultimately help me to be more confident and less reluctant

2- Registeration in an online course:

Clean surrounding plays a vital role in satisfying human nervous system. Many myths and psychologist asked their clients to live with calmn and when the point comes how to create soothing environment that it is one of those to feel from surrounding by solving different prolems that does exist and can impact you.

So just to impement and see experimental results I applied it as i messed with my cupboard and i was thinking, it won’t get settled but i took step to clean it and settled my accessories. here i am sharing little glimpses of I tried to left…


Kindness means to be gentle and generous wherever possible. Its a way to connect and engage emotionally with other members of society. For this the best example for human beings is Holy prophet Mohammad(SWA) who taught us kindness through his lifetime instances. Here i tried to adopt few ones that helped me in inspiring others.

Be a helping hand

Being generous and treating others with compassion and specially at the time when you’re dealing with kids is an act to show kindness. It will ultimately help them in understanding the concept of positivism to see the society. …

areej fatima

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